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OC Register Flashback #1 Charity Event in the County



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?Flashback has helped Pipeline to a Cure to a whole different level. When they came on board the event raised 420,000 and now because of Flashback we just raised 1.6 MILLION dollars. Their amazing music and ability to engage our audience has kept every sponsor and guest coming back and increasing their support every year. They are the highlight of our event every year. The best thing I?ve ever done is hire Flashback Heart Attack!!? ? Michael S ? Executive Director ? Cystic Fibrosis Foundation


?I just have to say, you guys were incredible! I can?t tell you how many compliments we?ve received about ?The Band!?. So many people raved about you guys and many said they want to contact you for their upcoming parties and events! You truly made our night special. We are so grateful for your talents that you shared with us at our event and also extremely grateful for your gift toward our Fund-A-Need. It leveraged additional support after you ?raised your paddle? and helped us break our prior fundraising records! We will be sorting out dates, theme and venue in the next few months so as soon as we have something, we will reach out to you and see if we can work something out to have you back. I know you will be well-received!

?Thanks again to you and your band mates for an exceptional event. I look forward to speaking with you again soon.?

?Best regards, Greg M Development Manager

?Thank you again for coming in and tearing down the house at the end of the night. Everyone had an amazing time, and I can?t even thank you enough for the donation. You guys are amazing, and we look forward to working with you guys again in the future. Thanks again!? ? Adrian N ? Our Lady Queen of Angels

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eightiescoverband 80s cover band Flash back Heart Attack

80s cover band - Flashback Heart Attack