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We know there are a ton of 80s cover bands.  Flashback Heart Attack is redefining the 80’s experience creating a buzz with every show.  Simply put, it’s a different level.  Not many, if any, have been called the “real deal” by as many Grammy winners, Hall of Fame members, entertainment, sports, biggest corporate and charity institutions on a global level as Flashback Heart Attack.
You’re getting the best of the best.

The Flashback Heart Attack client knows what they want, understands the value of great entertainment and knows what it takes to make a memorable event.

Flashback Heart Attack is three good looking guys and a drummer ready to make your event something special. It’s “classy with an edge” tons of personality and high energy, engaging fun. Big or small, your guests will talk about the event long after is over.

A lot of bands are ruthless.  They will fake information to do anything to get your business. We thought we would share some pictures to help in our claims. If you have any questions please reach out. Enjoy your day. 

It’s the chemistry between band members,  the talent and knack to reproduce all the biggest hits with such accuracy.   It’s professional with no detail overlooked. Flashback Heart Attack has been hired to headline events with 10,000+ people.

Flashback Heart Attack exceeds the toughest clients’ expectations and will be talked about well after the event is over.

Playing almost 100 shows a year, Flashback Heart Attack has finely tuned the art of image, sound and entertainment.   “At first sight in authentic red or classic black leather suits you know its something different. When you hear how big the sound is and how great the singers are, it’s remarkably close it is to the original songs and you’re hooked. Their warm, outgoing personality completes the perfect package. It’s something to be experienced! Total Professionals.” Playing all the biggest hits of the era, you’ll feel like you’ve been taken back to 1984!


9 TIME WINNER!! BEST LIVE BAND – BEST ROCK BAND 2017 – OC WEEKLY. 80s-cover-band-Flashback-Heart-Attack-OC-Weekly-Best-of-Cover-and-AD-2017-for-Press

Flashback-Heart-Attack-Josh-Brolin-2017Alice-Cooper-Fired-Up-for-WebMike-Ness-and-Billie-Joe Armstrong-with 80s cover band Flashback Heart AttackFlashback-Heart-Attack-with-Paul-and-Gene-KissPress-Life-and-Arts-OC-Register-80s-cover-band-Flashback-Heart-AttackPress-Jason-Lezak-LA-Times-80s-cover-band-Flashback-Heart-AttackPipeline-to-a-Cure-Press-OC-Register-80s-cover-band-Flashback-Heart-Attack

Flashback has been the Band to the 80s Stars themselves.

We know how the songs go from the people that wrote them!  Flashback Heart Attack has been the musicians and filled in as the band for 80s artists Terri Nunn (Berlin) Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons) Alice Cooper, REO Speedwagon, Dramarama, Tommy TuTone, Annabelle (Bow Wow Wow) Mike Score (A Flock of Seagulls) Naked eyes, When in Rome playing all their hits.

Flashback Heart Attack has received the highest of praise from some of the biggest names in music History.

People that have seen Flashback Heart Attack agree.. Flashback concentrates on spot on renditions of your favorite songs with three singers, authentic 80s look, high energy, engaging personality and big sound. This sets the stage for an incredibly memorable night for people of all ages.”It’s not the typical cliché 80s band. It’s as authentic as it gets.”

Flashback Heart Attack is honored to play some of the most prestigious events across the country: The biggest and best seek them out. Hundreds of corporate clients from Adobe to Zillow, professional sports stars, Grammy winners, Hall of Fame Members and the biggest charities in the country have great relations and continue to hire 80s cover band Flashback Heart Attack year after year.




In conclusion, there’s a lot of bands out there. Flashback Heart Attack is a no joke, rocking show on a completely different level approved by the superstar elite.  From look to sound to song execution, Flashback Heart Attack has the approval from multiple Rock n Roll Hall of Fame members, Grammy winners and the professional sports community.  Go through the website thoroughly and see the depth of this band.  Flashback Heart Attack’s memorable performances have word of mouth buzz in the corporate, charity, destination service industries and the biggest names in music today. Blow clients and guests away with a memorable night.

If you’re looking for that “WOW” factor that impresses clients and pleases guests, please include Flashback Heart Attack to your special event. eightiescoverband eighties cover bands Flash back Heart Attack is your band.


Complete with stylish choice of traditional red leather suits, black tie or a 80s nautical attire, it’s a look and a SOUND that even the actual 80s singers agree is spot on.


Most of all, Flashback Heart Attack are real easy going guys. Also, No huge contracts with outlandish rider demands. The biggest compliment Flashback Heart Attack receives from wedding and event planners is 80s band Flashback Heart Attack is “high energy – low maintenance.”

Take it from a legend

Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Member Alice Cooper talks about his experience with 80s cover band Flashback Heart Attack.

Alice Cooper talks about his Experience with 80s Cover Band Flash back Heart Attack



Hit the CONTACT page to make your night one to remember.


Flashback Heart Attack started out as an original band. Flashback played live, had relations with the record labels and wrote for TV and Film. From CSI New York to Jersey Shore, many of their compositions are on shows and commercials you hear and watch every day. Looking at the current state of cover bands around they noticed there was a void missing. Bands were either technically good but stared at iPods on stage with no stage presence or bands had all the gimmicks like props, choreography, lighting and smoke machines but they couldn’t play sounded terrible and couldn’t sing. Flashback Heart Attack knew they could make a product that filled both those criteria. It’s big personality, lots of Flash, great visually and since they have worked with the actual 80s bands they knew how to emulate the sounds musically and vocally to give you the best experience possible.

In conclusion, if you are truly looking for the best band and the easiest group of guys to work with you’re already here. Let Flashback Heart Attack take it to another level.


There’s a lot of nonsense and deception out there. Bands paying for Yelp and Google reviews to appeal to unsuspecting clients. Some lie about their resume or client list to get your business and you find out way too late.  What you can’t fake is talent, singing, chemistry and personality.  Do your homework.  Ask around.  Any band worth their reputation will provide you information, not faked testimonials.  Flashback Heart Attack is not the cheapest option.  There are major differences in bands and you do get what you pay for.
Someone once said. “Good bands aren’t cheap and cheap bands aren’t good. There is truth in that. Have an amazing event.

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  • Woodbridge, CA
  • Turtle Rock, CA
  • Newport, CA
  • Newport Beach, CA
  • Big Canyon, CA
  • Balboa, CA
  • Monarch Beach, CA
  • Newport Coast, CA
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  • Laguna, CA
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  • Coto De Caza, CA
  • Coto, CA
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  • Ladera Ranch, CA
  • Ladera, CA
  • Las Flores, CA
  • San Juan, CA
  • San Juan Capistrano, CA
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