The Best 80s Cover Band and Tribute FLASHBACK HEART ATTACK

Best 80s Cover Band Flashback Heart Attack

Best 80s Cover Band Flashback Heart Attack

Hands down, 80s band Flashback Heart Attack is the premier 80s tribute. From Cancun to Canada – CA to NY – Flashback Heart Attack is a proven international header. From numerous Fortune 500 companies to the biggest charities, Flashback Heart Attack is honored to play some of the most prestigious events across the country.

“It’s not the typical cliché 80s band. It’s as authentic as it gets.”

Let’s cut to the chase. There are a million 80s bands, some good some bad. Some lie about their resume to get your business and you find out way too late. There are major differences in bands and you usually get what you pay for. As in real life, accolades and word of mouth is what’s separates this band from the others. 

For 80s band Flashback Heart Attack, your comforted to know that the best the music and entertainment industry has to offer. For years they have relied on the band to entertain their guests.


Top superstars Green Day hires them. Guys in Foo Fighters refer them. Members in Guns n Roses jam with them. Original 80s bands hire them as their backing musicians. These facts alone should tell you the caliber of this band.

There’s a reason 80s band Flashback Heart Attack is the preferred band by top celebrity, rock stars, sports stars and Fortune 500 companies.  Playing over 100 shows a year it’s the next level in live entertainment.  From start to finish it’s the complete package playing all your favorite hits all night long.

Simply put, you will not find a more complete band to elevate an event.  Look at the photos.  Listen to the sound. Flashback Heart Attack is so spot on they been hired to share the stage backing some of the biggest 80s bands of the era. Flashback Heart Attack is honored to have that distinction.

Flashback concentrates on spot on renditions of your favorite songs with two amazing singers, authentic 80s look, engaging personality and big sound. This sets the stage for an incredibly memorable night for people of all ages.

Proven Headliner

Flashback Heart Attack has headlined events for over 10k people, co-headlined with Maroon5 in Las Vegas and headlines many high profile events every year flying internationally. The focus is on fun, a real 80s experience with authentic era correct outfits, a little bit of swagger and a sound that has been perfected with the blessing from the actual 80s super stars themselves always exceeding clients expectations.

Green Day Rev Rad Social Distortion Best 80s Cover Band Flashback Heart Attack

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong and Social Distortion’s Mike Ness with 80s band Flashback Heart Attack.

Made up of three good looking guys and a drummer, Flashback Heart Attack’s outgoing personality and funny stage shtick appeals to everyone. It’s not an agency band swapping out members. It takes years to build band chemistry. It’s a boutique band specializing in all the biggest hits of the era. It’s a pedal to the metal dance party.  From the look to the sound, no aspect has been compromised. Flashback Heart Attack gives a perfectly crafted, era correct performance every time.

Award Winning

Flashback Heart Attack was voted best 80s cover band or rock band the last 8 years by the OC Weekly and has won numerous best 80s cover band awards from the OC Music Awards.

Complete with stylish choice of traditional red leather suits, black tie or a 80s nautical attire, it’s a look and a SOUND that even the actual 80s singers agree is spot on.

Most of all, Flashback Heart Attack are real easy going guys. Also, No huge contracts with outlandish rider demands. The biggest compliment Flashback Heart Attack receives from wedding and event planners is 80s band Flashback Heart Attack is “high energy..low maintenance.”

Hit the CONTACT page to make your night one to remember.

Flashback Heart Attack has been these 80s singers band. Meaning Flashback Heart Attack has learned their songs and they joined them on stage for a performance.

  • Teri nunn – Berlin
  • Dale Bozzio – missing persons
  • REO SpeedWagon
  • A Flock of Seagulls
  • The Romantics
  • Naked Eyes
  • Dramarama
  • Bow wow wow
  • The motels
  • When in rome
  • And others
WARNING: There are some great bands out there and some unscrupulous ones. Usually the bad guys are the ones in cheap day glow and shop at Forever 41. We’ve had bands literally steal our website verbiage to make them sound better than they are. Just wrong. You spend a lot of money and you should get the quality you’re paying for. Don’t go off testimonials. Facebook likes, Yelp reviews. They can all be faked. Really check facts, backgrounds to make an informed decision or you could be taken. Every charity, corporate, fundraiser, celebrity event, Fortune 500 company we list we do have relations with. If shopping around, ask the same from others. If you’re here you’ve already made a great decision and already found the best.
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