NAMM Entertainment 2017
by on January 13, 2017 in NAMM

80s band Flashback Heart Attack NAMM 2017

It’s that time of year when all the gear heads and heavy metal soldiers descend on Anaheim to hit the yearly music convention they call NAMM. Flashback Heart Attack will be headlining the Anaheim Hilton after party. This will be the 4th year Flashback has had the honor. Special guests this year? You’ll have to wait and see. You gotta have Faith. Check out the link below with the Flashback bio.

Every January, the music tech world travels to?Anaheim, California to show off the new music gear we?ll be using in the year to come?at the?annual NAMM show. Ahead of FACT?s coverage of?the 2017 event, Scott Wilson sifts through the rumors and announcements to detail?what we can expect to see from the world?s biggest and brightest music gear companies.

Whether you?re the kind of musician that wants a cheap?drum machine?for home use, a synthesizer workstation for a professional studio or a new module for your Eurorack system, you?re going to want to wait until the annual annual NAMM show show in California next week?before making any new?purchases. Over the past few years, advances in music technology?have made the hardware announced at the trade show?both more ambitious?and more affordable, giving us reissues of beloved classics and innovative new instruments.

It?s hard to say for sure what new products will be on show, but we do know that most of the big companies including Roland, Korg, Yamaha and Moog will be showing off recent and forthcoming gear alongside boutique companies such as Teenage Engineering, touch control specialist ROLI and cult modular experts Make Noise. If you like synths, you?re probably not going to be short of new toys to get excited about.


80s cover band - Flashback Heart Attack