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Major announcement:

Best 80s Cover Band Flash back Heart Attack WON 1st Prize Best Float reenacting the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off parade scene at the 113th Annual Huntington Beach Parade. Biggest turnout in the parade’s 133 year History with crowd estimates around 500k people.

Aired on National TV ABC CH7.   Life Moves Pretty Fast!

Best 80s cover band Flashback Heart Attack wins Best Float with Ferris Bueller at Huntington Beach Parade 2017

The Highest Level in 80s Cover Band Entertainment

Make no doubt about it. 80s cover band Flashback Heart Attack is the best with the biggest names in entertainment endorsing the band.  If you’re looking for a band that’s  high energy, visually appealing, with perfected renditions of the smash hits of the 80s and beyond keeping guests engaged and dancing all night long you’ve found your band.  Are you ready to blow clients and guests minds with a memorable night? The hard work has been done for you.

Don’t confuse Flashback Heart Attack with the countless “80s Cover” bands across the country.  From look to sound to song execution, it’s a completely different level and the best in entertainment agree. Go through the website thoroughly and see the depth of this band.  Flashback Heart Attack’s memorable performances has word of mouth buzz in the corporate, charity, destination service industries and the biggest names in music today.

Superstars Green Day hire Flashback Heart Attack.  Guys in Foo Fighters refer them. Members in Guns n Roses have jammed with them. They have played arenas for KISS. These are some of the highest accolades any band can receive. We’re honored and these facts alone should tell you the level of band you’re hiring. Flashback also has the blessing from Grammy Award Winners and have 5 Different Hall of Fame members approval! Flashback Heart Attack has full insurance all year around, drama free laid back guys and very easy to work with.
Every event planner, wedding coordinator or catering executive has called them “High Energy..Low Maintainence” and proud of it.

80s cover band As-Seen-on-ABC-NBC-People-Shows-Magazines


Some bands dress up like the artists they portray. The actual artists JOIN 80s band Flashback Heart Attack!! Wether it’s 80s singers like Terri Nunn from Berlin, Mike Score from A Flock of Seagulls, Wally Palmar from The Romantics and many other 80’s singers or artists that currently sell out arenas and stadiums worldwide like Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstong or Rock n Roll Hall of Fame legends like Alice Cooper, they’ve all joined Flashback Heart Attack on stage. Flashback has been called the “real deal” by these artists. Listen to Rock n Roll Hall of Fame member Alice Cooper talk about his experience with Flash back Heart Attack below.

Alice Cooper talks about his Experience with 80s Cover Band Flashback Heart Attack

 Some of the Flashback Heart Attack clients include..


Flashback Heart Attack started out as an original band. Flashback played live, had relations with the record labels and wrote for TV and Film. From CSI New York to Jersey Shore, many of their compositions are on shows and commercials you hear and watch every day. Looking at the current state of cover bands around they noticed there was a void missing. Bands were either technically good but stared at iPods on stage with no stage presence or bands had all the gimmicks like props, choreography, lighting and smoke machines but they couldn’t play sounded terrible and couldn’t sing. Flashback Heart Attack knew they could make a product that filled both those criteria. It’s big personality, lots of Flash, great visually and since they have worked with the actual 80s bands they knew how to emulate the sounds musically and vocally to give you the best experience possible.

The live show and band chemistry has been exceeding expectations for years.  The client and celebrity friend list of this band is unmatched: 5 Different Hall of Fame Members, Grammy Winners, Sports Stars, Celebrity, Producers, Fortune 500 and countless corporate and charity all support and refer Flashback Heart Attack for their biggest events.

Anyone who has booked the band will tell you, Flashback Heart Attack is hands down the top choice in 80s cover bands.  Playing corporate events from Cancun to Canada – CA to NY, the countries top event coordinators, wedding planners and catering directors at many five diamond resorts will tell you, 80s cover band Flashback Heart Attack is in a class by themselves.

“Simply put, it’s a different level and very few bands reach this type of recognition or achievement.”   It’s professional with no detail overlooked.   It’s been called the “real deal” by people who are at the pinnacle of the entertainment industry.  Flashback Heart Attack has been hired to headline events with 10,000 people. 10,000 people!!

It’s sophisticated yet has an edge to it. It’s presentation is classy, hi energy, engaging, funny and sounds like an actual rock concert.  It’s a real rock n roll band that happens to be a cover band.

Playing almost 100 shows a year (same guys) Flashback Heart Attack has finely tuned the art of image, sound and entertainment.   “At first sight in authentic red or classic black leather suits you know its something different. When you hear how big the sound is and how great the singers are, it’s remarkably close it is to the original songs and you’re hooked. Their warm, outgoing personality completes the perfect package. It’s something to be experienced! Total Professionals.” Playing all the biggest hits of the era, you’ll feel like you’ve been taken back to 1984!


Winning 7 years in a row best live band/best rock band from the OC Weekly and winning best tribute from the OC Music Awards. From authentic era red or black leather suits to perfected sound, it’s an over the top performance with attention to detail in every way. 

From the Orange County – Los Angeles CA area, Flashback Heart Attack is hired to headline some of the biggest (10k+ people) events across the country and internationally. Whether it’s playing NYE with superstars Maroon5 in Las Vegas or headlining a corporate event for 2000 on Ellis Island NY, no event is too big or too small. Flashback Heart Attack also has great relationships with most of the 5 Diamond resorts and hotels along the So Cal coast and abroad.  Look through this website for celebrity testimonials, credits, pictures, audio and video.

Flashback Heart Attack exceeds the toughest clients’ expectations and will be talked about well after the event is over.

If you’re looking for that “WOW” factor that impresses clients and pleases guests, please include Flashback Heart Attack to your special event. eightiescoverband eighties cover bands Flashback Heart Attack is your band.

  • not an agency band staring at iPads on stands while entertaining
  • No fake reviews or testimonials. Most of our clients come from word of mouth or witnessing a live performance.
  • No PAID FOR facebook, YELP OR GOOGLE REVIEWS to fool youFlashback Heart Attack Prides itself on Meticulous work to make every song sound exactly like you remember
    Flash back Heart ATTACK is a boutique band and prefers quality over quantity. SO should you.
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