#1 80s Cover Band Flashback Heart Attack is truly the Best!!

What do you get when you mix radical talent, totally tubular spot on sound and authentic looking 80s outfits? You get the best 80s cover band Flashback Heart Attack. It’s the ultimate 80s tribute show and called “the real deal” by the biggest names in TV and music. Flashback Heart Attack is taking it to another level with a perfected stage show that’s funny, high energy, full authentic 80s outfits and uncanny sound replicating all the biggest hits of the era. So perfect they are hired by the actual 80s bands as their backing band.

Make no mistake. Flashback Heart Attack prefers quality over quantity. Not an agency band. Not 10 versions of the same band. ONE GREAT BAND playing over 100 shows a year. There are a million bands out there and most fake their BIO information so be aware.

Here’s the truth. Platinum rock stars Green Day hires Flashback Heart Attack. Guys in Foo Fighters refer them. Members in Guns n Roses jam with them. Original 80’s bands request them as their backing musicians. Honored and these facts alone should tell you the quality level of this band.

Attention is in the details. It’s spot on singing, tons of personality, flashy, funny, engaging and the biggest in entertainment agree. It’s rock star approved. The audience that can literally hire anyone chooses Flashback Heart Attack.

Based in Southern California, it’s an all-star group of musicians bringing you a show guaranteed to leave all in attendance wanting more!!  It’s engaging, over the top entertainment with an authentic look and spot-on sound playing all the biggest songs you know and love to perfection.

Winning 8 years in a row best live band/best rock band,  Flashback Heart Attack plays for some of the biggest charity, Fortune 500, destination events, sports stars and celebrity weddings.  From authentic era red or black leather suits to perfected sound, it’s an over the top performance with attention to detail in every way. 

In a sea of 80s bands, there is no smoke and mirrors here. Flashback Heart Attack has been called the “real deal” by the biggest names in entertainment.  Flashback has the blessing from Grammy Award winners, Hall of Fame members. Playing all the biggest hits of the era, you’ll feel like you’ve been taken back to 1984!  

From the Orange County – Los Angeles CA area, Flashback Heart Attack is hired to headline some of the biggest (10k+ people) events across the country and internationally. Whether it’s playing NYE with superstars Maroon5 in Las Vegas or headlining a corporate event for 2000 on Ellis Island NY, no event is too big or too small. Flashback Heart Attack also has great relationships with most of the 5 Diamond resorts and hotels along the So Cal coast and abroad.  Look through this website for celebrity testimonials, credits, pictures, audio and video.

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The best 80s band Flashback Heart Attack is an 80s experience with tons of energy and personality. Oddly enough, their high energy show skews not only to the 80s fans but has the knack and appeal to engage the 20 – 30 age group.  Furthermore, it’s flashy and memorable entertainment that will elevate the experience. Flashback Heart Attack exceeds the toughest clients’ expectations and will be talked about well after the event is over. Most of all, its professional and low maintenance band members make it the easiest part of the event.

If you’re looking for that “WOW” factor that impresses clients and pleases guests, please include Flashback Heart Attack to your special event.

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